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Agile campaigning – lecture in #pisu13

September 3, 2013

On July, 2013, I was invited by Dr. Dan McQuillan to give a lecture on “Agile campaigning” in Prishtina International Summer School 2013 (#pisu13). His course was focused on social media campaigning and social innovation – providing a great opportunity for students to learn more about latest developments around social media for social change and the impact of internet on traditional journalism. The course has included also other interesting topics such as: the dark side of internet, social innovation, hacktivism and politics, legal frame of internet in Kosovo, etc. The course has combined the blended learning approach – theoretical knowledge and practical work through Digital Boot-camp workshops on #Crypto and Crowdsourcing.

My lecture was focused more on alternative spaces used by activist during ’60’s and ’70’s and comparing them with today’s’ blogosphere and social web, as well as critically analyzing various campaigns and social movements around the world. I have also shared my latest experience working with No Hate Speech Movement – a pioneering campaign launched by Council of Europe to empower young people to combat hate speech online. I also draw the focus on Kosovo ‘ecology’ and analyzing the existing fatigue among people to protest against injustice by boosting the slackitivism effect among (young) people.
Throughout the lecture I provided to students various techniques and cases that applied agile campaigning, as well as comparing the shift from traditional campaigning into agile and cloud campaigning.

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